Oruro, BoliviaSavings groups and organized informal settlement communities in Oruro and Cochabamba were visited by SDI exchange delegations from Brazil and South Africa beginning in 2009. The groups are supported by Red de Acción Comunitaria. In Oruro, the groups coordinate many of their activities as a city-wide network. Engagements with senior government officials around a new housing policy are ongoing, as are project-based links with municipal officials in both cities.

Spotlight on Community Planning

In Bolivia, residents emerge from the "invisible city"

Deep in the old section of the city of Oruro, one finds the neighborhood of San Miguel. It is an informal settlement that is now 20 years old. San Miguel is characterized by a lack of: basic services, access to police and security, and informal house construction. Here, men and ... More on Community Planning in Bolivia




Bolivia SDI Alliance Indicators

Members, Savings & Livelihoods
No. of Cities Active: 3 No. of Savings Groups: 20
No. of Savers: 297 Regular / Daily Savings: 18043.0
Loans from savings: 20835 Repayments from savings: 20794.0
UPF Savings: 516.0 UPF Loans: 5375.0
UPF Repayments: 3778.0 Other Savings: 3045.0
Comments: Active in 26 settlements.
Land Tenure & Services
Land Secured (Hectares): 1 Families with Tenure: 3
Services Provided: Water to 56 families
Public Amenities (leave out cost/value for all)
No. of Toilet Blocks: 10
Houses & Improvements (leave out cost/value for all)
Houses Completed: 3
Dwelling Improved: 87
Info Collection
No. of Settlements Profiled: 174
No. of Settlements Enumerated: 25 No. of Settlements Mapped: 25
Political Engagement
No. of Agreements with National Gov.: 1
No. of Agreements with Local Gov.: 3 No. of Agreements with Universities: 2
Other: 1 (Institute of Superior Studies - helps in sending interns for admin issues)
Resources Leveraged: 50 bags of cement donated for home improvements; human and technical resources provided by partner NGO, CEDURE.
New Institutional Arrangements: Agreements with local government to work on settlement profiles. Agreement signed with government during 2012 national conference to promote housing for urban poor through pilot projects.
Policy Changes: The Law of Banks recognized the existence of communal financial system, largely as a result of the work of the Bolivian affiliate.
Contact: NGO: Maria Eugenia Torrico